Here Is A Famous Phrase We Hope Never Happens To You

Have you ever wondered what crazy stories lie underneath the meaning of odd phrases and sayings? Let Professor Good N' Well end your suspense on this episode of Famous Phrases and Sayings, a HooplaHa Original series featuring comedian Eddie Brill.

This brand new episode follows Professor Good N’ Well, our in house expert on history and humor as he attempts to cracks the mysterious origin of the phrase "Pull the wool over one's eyes." Did you know it quite literally comes from pulling the wool over someone's eyes? In earlier times judges wore 'ill fitting' wigs that would often fall over their eyes. Also, thieves would literally pull down men's wigs over their eyes and steal their valuables. Yikes! We're happy 'pulling the wool over one's eyes' typically means a magic trick or joke these days.

Eddie Brill has more than 100 appearances in both TV and film and is best known for his work on The Late Show with David Letterman. If you would like to  stay connected to Eddie, follow him on on Facebook and Twitter.

Ready to find out more quirky stories of the origins of phrases and sayings? Check out the Infotainment Channel, part of the HooplaHa Network...and don't forget to smile!

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