Heartbreak To Healing

Chris Hughes has a passion for dogs. So much so that he takes them in from the most dire situations to find them a new home any chance he gets. Over the years, one of his pups stands out among the rest. Sitting patiently under Hughes’ desk as he works, Gremlin, a white and chocolate colored pit bull, has over 12,000 followers on Facebook. Listed as a “public figure,” the rescued dog informs the public of recent law changes, news, and friends up for adoption within the pit bull world.Gremlin herself was saved from the wrath of a dog fighting ring, a fact that Hughes shares with anyone who asks about the dog, to help raise awareness. “We don’t know where she was,” Hughes explained, “but her legs were broken and grew back in such a way that they needed to be re-broken.” He also said her vocal chords were ruptured, something most likely done by shoving the end of a baseball bat down the pup’s throat.It would be easy to presume a pit bull trained under conditions filled with stress and anger would live the rest of it’s life stressed and angry. But Gremlin allows swarms of children to smother her with their love and attention during her duties as a certified therapy dog. She has touched people within her community near Cleveland, Ohio, to as far as Australia. Though she is unable to bark or speak for herself, Hughes has given her a voice and a second life. She has gone from the most heartbreaking situation to a life of healing and helping.

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