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Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks, being with loved ones and of course, food! With all the delicious food at Thanksgiving dinner, it is probably smart to try and stay on the healthy side of the spectrum. But who wants to compromise taste on the most delicious holiday of the year? Not me! These tips from our pals at Greatist will help you make the pies you love a bit more healthy; without making them less tasty!

1. DIY

Pie crust should be simple and natural with flour, fat, salt, sugar, and water. The store bought kinds may be easier, but they are filled with weird, hard to pronounce ingredients your body doesn't need.

2. Sub in Sour Cream or Yogurt

Using sour cream or Greek yogurt in your pie crust in place of some of the butter or lard is a more nutritious choice, without changing flavors.

3. Fill With Fiber

Whole wheat flour adds fiber to your pie.

4. Go Nuts

Try using almond flour, because nuts have healthy fats.

5. Chill Out

Keep cold ingredients—that means water, butter, sour cream, yogurt—cold for a flaky crust. To make the dough easier to work with, chill it in the fridge before rolling.

For the full list of tips click here!


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