Grandma Betty: The InstaGranny Of Happiness

Most 80-year-old grandmothers have no idea what social media is, let alone Instagram. But Grandma Betty is not most grandmas.

This Indiana granny has over 675,000 followers on her Instagram account, GrandmaBetty33, which was started by her great-grandson, Zach, after learning she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Betty, sadly, has late-stage four-lung cancer and is too frail to go through chemo or radiation treatment.

But she isn’t letting that stop her from living her life and enjoying every single moment. Everyday Grandma Betty posts pictures or videos that show her embracing life like dancing to Pharrell’s “Happy," riding a motorcycle, posing with her family, dressed as a clown, or simply thanking all her followers for taking part in her journey.

Here are a few of Grandma Betty’s most memorable moments.

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