Gossip Columnist Leaves Lavish Life To Find Happiness

Imagine living a life filled with celebrities, designer names, and star-studded amenities. Now, imagine taking all of those things, packing them away for good and traveling the country to learn about yourself through others. That's exactly what Kelly Will did. Kelly was a gossip columnist for 9 years and wrote for many major entertainment news publications until she suffered a herniated disk in her neck from stress. At that point, Kelly decided she had enough of her lavish lifestyle chasing after celebrities and had to make a change. In a month's time, Kelly sold all of her possessions, packed everything she needed into her Honda CR-V and traveled the US solo for 365 days.

Inspired by stories of others, Kelly has learned that being open to new experiences and helping others is the best way to learn more about yourself. Kelly launched a brand new Kickstarter campaign for Broadcast Love, her new life coaching company. Stay connected with Kelly on Twitter, Instagram, and her blog, Kelly Broadcasts America.

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