Goose, Guidance, and Gratitude - Random Acts Of Cooking (E2:P3)

St Benedict's Prep in Newark, New Jersey is devoted to educating young men to help them fulfill their potential. In the final part of this episode of Random Acts of Cooking, Chef Plum and the seven students from the cooking class get to serve and share the fantastic meal they prepared for their mentors, expressing their heartfelt thanks for their love and support that has shaped them from boys to men.

In Part 1 of this episode, Chef Plum was introduced to seven special senior boys from the school's cooking class. Part 2 showed off the boy's kitchen skills while we heard their stories about the people they were honoring at this special dinner. Now, with the major cooking effort behind them, the boys can focus on being with their guests, sharing a meal, and reminiscing about their school days.

Headmaster "Father Ed" Leahy, one of the honored guests, knows the power of the human connections that are formed by sitting down together to break bread. "My father was a construction worker, and he would get a roll every single morning," he recalled. "When he came home from work at night, he would make sure he had an extra roll. It would get put it in the middle of the table and everybody would break a piece off of it. It kind of unites everybody."

Human connection is what this dinner is all about. Before the festive meal is served, Chef Plum takes a moment to invite the boys from the cooking class to come up and speak directly to their honored guests. There are funny anecdotes, thoughtful thanks, and emotional toasts and hugs.

Come pull up a chair to join this joyous gathering and lift a glass to the wonderful results that come from the right mix of fine ingredients - a great school, caring teachers, and dedicated students… with a dash of Chef Plum.

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