Good Samaritans Leave Bartender $1,000 Tip For Dog’s Surgery

When Christina Summitt went to work the late shift as a bartender/cook at a New Jersey Holiday Inn, she had no idea it would be a night that would change her life, and her pup, for the better.

Photo of Tucker from KTLA, a Southern California news station, Twitter account.

In an interview with the New York Daily News, Summitt said during a recent shift she struck up a conversation with two patrons about her 3-year-old Great Dane Labrador mix named Tucker. Summitt told the couple that Tucker, who was at an animal hospital, was in need a life-saving surgery after he swallowed a tennis ball.

Summitt, who works three jobs and volunteers at an animal rescue facility, said Tucker’s hospital bills have mounted to $2,700. According to the article, Summitt described the patrons as “average” and said throughout the evening they ordered a couple of drinks and wings. During the course of the night, Summitt told the newspaper, the three of them had chit chatted about her dog and his health issues but the conversation was nothing out of the ordinary bartender/customer chitchat.

But when Summitt picked up their bill for $86.26 she couldn’t believe her eyes. “Shock. Complete shock…I started shaking, I couldn’t breathe,” she told the paper.

The couple had left Summit a $1,000 tip.

When Summitt went to refuse the large and generous tip, the unnamed man told her it was to help pay for Tucker’s medical bills.

“I can’t believe someone would just do that,” she told the paper.

Summitt said she knows who the generous tipper is, but refused to identify him in order to respect his privacy.

Summitt told the Daily News that Tucker is now home from the hospital and doing well.

Speaking about her experience, Summitt said, “It’s just so awesome that people care.”

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