Gold Star Moms Share The True Meaning of Memorial Day

What is the REAL meaning for Memorial Day? Every Memorial Day we get a long weekend, spend time with friends and family, BBQ's and take boat rides, but forget so often what this day is REALLY for.

On Memorial Day, we need to remember and give thanks to all the men and women in the military who have sacrificed and lost their lives to protect us. It is truly because of them that we can even have lives to celebrate!

Blogger and mom, Lyette Reback, has a special place in her heart for the sacrifice people make for our freedoms. She has gone so far as to organize and host a “Not For Nuthin" dinner where Gold Star Moms, women who lost their children in active duty, are paired with civilian moms for a night of remembrance. It allowed civilian moms to see just how much some people sacrifice for our country.

Karen Zook, who lost her son in the line of duty serving as a marine, reminds us of the importance of the holiday and what it means to her:

"It is not barbaques, hot dogs or a family get together. It's a solemn holiday where you honor those, like my son, who have laid down their lives for this nation. I am very proud of my son. He's my hero."

It's a time of remembrance, Take time to remember and listen to these two very special women who have lost their children. Help us help people remember the TRUE meaning of Memorial Day!

This touching video was produced by Lucia Nazzaro and shot/edited by Jean Carlo.

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