Gay High School Student Praises His Classmates In Commencement Speech

The senior class of Fairview High, in Boulder, Colorado were treated to a very special speech by their classmate, Ted Chalfen, who thanked them for their tolerance and support.

Personal favorite line:

"If you're as good to your co-workers and, I'm sure, eventual employees as you've been to me, you will have nothing but success in this world... all of the parents sitting out there today deserve their share of the credit as well. You brought your kids up the right way and they are forever indebted to you for it."

This is just the thing to remind us for how far this country has come in opening our minds, our hearts, and our arms to those who are different than us. Thanks, Chad, for saying thanks.

Take a minute today to thank someone, anyone, for treating you as well, or even better than you would treat yourself. Kindness is a gift for which the reward cannot be spent. Your earnest thanks will be worth more than anything.

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