From Prison To Performing Arts; The Boy Who Inspired Prince William

Steven Prescod grew up in Brooklyn with a mother who had him at age 15 and a father who was in prison within a year of his birth. By age 16, Steven also found himself in prison after involving himself in a robbery. The 16 year old knew this wasn't the life that was meant for him. He was sentenced to probation and given a second chance. He didn't waste it. Steven involved himself in a New York theater program where he performs spoken-word art; as not only a source of therapy but also as inspiration to others. “And it’s not just my story, it’s a story of every man in my community, especially a man of color. I’m speaking for them,” the 22-year-old Brooklyn man told TODAY. “I have a chance to speak to the public and give everyone a chance to hear our voice and see where we come from.” During a special performance this week, he was able to perform for Prince William and Duchess Kate who were visiting a local nonprofit. Prince William was so moved by the performance he took Steven under his wing, offering his contact information and any way he can help. You know you are doing something right when Prince William calls your work 'inspirational.' Keep it up, Steven!

H/T Today 

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