First Graders' Acts Of Kindness Catch On

From tying a friend's shoes to sharpening a student's pencil, no act of kindness is too small to go on the wall. The first graders of a Terra Haute, Ind classroom were prompted by a group called SPPRAK (Special People Performing Acts of Kindness) to post a note on a wall whenever someone did a good deed. Before long, other local schools, including the town's high school, began adding their own notes as well.

First grade teacher, Deborah Smudde told NBC Nightly News that, "[S]ometimes the smallest means so much at just the right point in time for that person," which is likely why the project spread to other classrooms and grades so quickly.

We're all too familiar with the spread of chaos and fear, and stories like this remind us that kindness spreads just as fast. SPPRAK and Smudde fostered the potential ubiquity of good deeds by giving them a visual presence in the halls. Something as simple as making someone smile now has a brightly colored space where plenty people will see it. When you give attention to good deeds, kindness spreads like a fire of smiles. Now that's a barbecue I want to go to.

Check out HooplaHa's collection of good deeds at the Giving Vine, and help spread the good!

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