Finding Happiness in Nature

Nature is a place where you can find refuge and comfort. Filled with flowers, mountains, animals, and other lovely elements, the great outdoors will bring happiness to you when you least expect it. When going through a hard time its great retreating to a favorite place in your backyard where you can think, or if you’re near the ocean, going there to read and reflect might be another way for you to enjoy nature. There’s many ways to reach inside of yourself and find comfort in nature – because once you embrace the beautiful scenery you’ll find yourself smiling and looking forward to going there once more.

Relax in Nature

A great way to relax in nature is by finding a comfy spot in your backyard where you can lie down on a towel and just gaze up at the clouds. If you turn your head just slightly you will see a garden (if you have one), where their will be bees gathering pollen or if you’re lucky, you’ll catch a humming bird fly by with lightening speed. Take a deep breath and concentrate on your surroundings. Think of pleasant memories or envision future you’ll feel serenity from the nature around you.

Take a Nature Hike

Going on a hike that’s filled with nature will revitalize and replenish you. Find a friend or family member who loves nature and invite them to go on a hike with you. Surrounded by tall trees, streams, and beautiful views, the more you climb the more you’re delightfully surprised by more gorgeous nature. You’ll love it so much that you’ll feel encouraged to go on more hikes in the future! Going on a hike is a great time to think peaceful thoughts and feel good about the green world that you’re lucky to be a part of.

Embrace Walking or Running in Nature

If you don’t have time to go hiking or aren’t near a hiking location, running or walking near your home or a near by nature reserve is another option. If you have a pet take them out for a walk or jog depending on your mood. Or during a weekend or after work one day, take a family member out on a nature walk. It will get them out of the house and both of you on your feet. Once you’re outside take time to reflect and enjoy the great outdoors. It’s beautiful looking at the trees on the side of the road and gazing up at the blue sky. Running and walking in nature is not only therapeutic, but it will make you very happy as well.

Set up a Picnic at the Park

Have you thought about visiting the park more often? Filled with nature, a park is a great location to have a picnic lunch or to sit and read a good book. During working hours if there is a park nearby, why not ask your boss if you can have a meeting there? It may open to the doors to new creativity for all of the co-workers and make you feel refreshed simultaneously. Plus it’s healthy to get sunshine when you’re indoors most of the time – you’ll have a healthy glow that will make you smile.

Soak up Some Sun

Now days too much sunshine can cause sunburns, but having sunshine in healthy doses gives you radiant skin and makes you feel alive and happy. If you live near the beach you will love lying out in the sun or if you aren’t by a beach it’s nice to just sit on a chair outside and bask in the sun too. However you choose to get your vitamin D – it certainly can brighten your mood and make you happy! There’s something beautiful about enjoying the sunshine and taking the time to enjoy nature at the same time.

Go on a Bike Ride

Another great outdoor activity that you will enjoy while observing the nature around you is going on a bike ride! Why not plan on going on a bike ride to a location where you will be able to stop and walk around? Bike ride to a park or place where there are ducks and take your little girl or boy with you. They’ll love being a part of your bike ride and you will love getting out and enjoying the view.

Plan a Family Event Outside

Spending time with family in nature is where wonderful memories are formed. Whether it’s on an outdoor patio or at a park or venue, being at a place where nature is involved is invigorating. There’s something refreshing about being surrounded by people that you love and pretty flowers too. It’s an instant burst of happiness by enjoying loved ones and nature simultaneously!


If you find yourself short on time there’s always small breaks throughout your day that you can take advantage of. Take ten minutes and walk to the park or sit in the sunshine. Concentrating on your surroundings and taking advantage of the time you do have will definitely pay off. Finding happiness in nature on a day to basis made possible by allowing the little activities and moments to nourish your soul.

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