Film Student With Down Syndrome Directs His Autobiography

Stories about overcoming obstacles and exceeding against all odds prove to be inspiration to us all. There is nothing more true for Jeff Smith. Jeff didn't have an easy childhood. Born with Down syndrome he was a very sick child. He had to move to California because of his health needs. His misfortune didn't stop there. Both of his parents eventually died, all before adulthood. His strong will and incredible optimism didn't allow him to be held back and moved forward to try to accomplish his dream to enter the film industry and tell his own story.

With a calling in film, Jeff enrolled in the Livermore Film and Media Workshop, run by Futures Explored and Inclusion Films. He would stop at nothing to become a director. With the support of his instructors, mentors and classmates he was able to make a film based on his life, “Save Me Mine," written and directed by Jeff Smith. Jeff is truly an inspiration; through his warm personality, openness and through the perseverance of everything he's overcome and is now passing on that inspiration through this film. This story will highlight Jeff's journey, the obstacles he's overcome and his dream becoming a reality as we follow him on the set of his film, “Save Me Mine."

This video was produced by Lucia Nazzaro and shot/edited by Inclusion Films.

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