Feng Shui Tips For Spring Cleaning Home And Mind

(Source: MindBodyGreen)

It's finally spring -- at least the calendar says so! MindBodyGreen suggests setting a seasonal intention for this beginning, when the earth decides to go through the cycle of rebirth yet again.  Tree blooms, sprouting plants and bright sunshine brings a new mindset to us all, and there's always the notion of spring cleaning to clear away the cobwebs in our homes as well as our minds. Even our online profiles could use a refresh and what about organizing those digital photos?

The principles of Feng Shui recommend creating space in our surroundings to allow good things into our lives.  From decluttering rooms, to getting rid of those dust bunnies under things and washing windows for a new perspective on things, these basic tips can make a world of difference.

Read more about Feng Shui tips for spring cleaning at MindBodyGreen here.





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