Dance, Shake, and Donate for Teen's Fundraiser To Help Cure Parkinson's Disease

** OGTV is commemorating World Parkinson's Disease Day with this story about a young lady who is getting people to dance and shake to raise awareness and donate funds for Parkinson's research. **

Parkinson's disease affects nearly 10 million people worldwide. 15-year-old Zoe Butchen from Ridgefield, CT knows these affects all too well. This charitable teen's father was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease last year. With a history of charitable deeds, Zoe knew she had to do something to help her dad and the cause.

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71-Year-Old Man Walks Thousands Of Miles To Promote Peace

** On this World Health Day, OGTV recognizes a man who puts one foot in front of the other, typically for hundreds of miles, to stimulate support for a more healthy and peaceful world. **

Most of us want to make the world a better place. Not all of have actually done something about it—but a grandfather named Al has, many times over.

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Looney Tunes Collector Has The Most Bugs Bunny's We've Ever Seen (Passions - E1)

** It's National Carrot Day and OGTV is celebrating with a story about a Bugs Bunny fan who is up to his rabbit ears in collectibles. Watch's a perfectly innnteresting story! **

Do you have something in your life you are so passionate about that you would be willing to dedicate time, money and room(s) in your living space to?

If your answer is a resounding Yes!, meet Laurence Sheinman, whose passion for Looney Tunes cartoons, and particularly Bugs Bunny, is so over the top it will have you asking, "What's up Doc?".

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Mom Raises 15 Kids with Love and Faith

** OnlyGood TV celebrates Love For Our Children Day with someone who knows a thing or two about kids... a Mom of 15! **

Lyette Reback was an only child, but when she married her college love after only a few short months together, she knew she wanted a large family. Meet the Reback family -- complete with 15 kids!

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Balloon Artist Turns Passion Into Profession

** How better to celebrate International Have Fun At Work Day than with this OnlyGood TV story about a woman with a passion for creativity and making people of all ages smile. **

What do you think of when you see a balloon animal? Does it make you smile? Have you ever imagined someone would be able to twist and turn their way into making balloon art a profession?

Meet Holly Hopper, a balloon artist from San Antonio, Texas. She began her ballooning as a child after her father brought home a balloon animal kit. After realizing she had a knack for more than the simple balloon dog or sword, she decided to bring her talent to the next level -- and is now a successful professional at making both children and adults smile!

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National Down Syndrome Society Scholarship Winner's Dreams Come True!

** We celebrate World Down Syndrome Day with this story about Joey Agostino whose love of music and making people happy set him on a path to becoming a DJ. **

Joey Agostino of Norwalk, CT was born with Down Syndrome, but that didn't stop him from following his lifelong dream…of becoming a professional DJ! Ever since he can remember, Joey has loved music. "I love music, I love to make people happy and I love to dance. So that's why I want to be a DJ," says Joey. And after winning the Ethan Salyor Memorial Scholarship from the National Down Syndrome Society, he was finally able to make his dream come true.

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A Mother-Daughter Duo Spreads Happiness With Their Amazing Creation

** To commemorate National Good Samaritan Day, OGTV proudly shares Pam and Meredith Robertson's story about how their idea to share inspirational quotes in "Jars of Joy" is spreading positivity nationwide. **

"There's something about words that are so powerful, that can touch something inside of us, that can shift our perspectives." Those words, which are powerful themselves, are how Pam Robertson explains the rapid success of a simple idea that she and her daughter came up with, an idea that was inspired by their personal experiences with the emotional power of beautiful strings of words.

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How To Turn A Toilet Paper Roll Into A Planter - Mission Repurpose With Mar Jennings

** How about a novel gardening trick to kick off spring on National Plant a Flower Day? Our "repurpose" expert, Mar Jennings, has a clever hack using a very common household item! **

Everyone could use a little help in their daily lives…and watching a good DIY video can always make a difference! OnlyGood TV videos help make your life easier, more manageable, happy and stress free!

Reaching the end of the toilet paper roll is a bummer, most of the time. In this episode of Mission Repurpose, Mar shows how the site of an empty roll can become an opportunity to start a fun home project that ends up in your garden instead of the recycling bin.

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