Encouraging Postcards Brighten The Life Of Toddler With Brain Cancer

Postcards are bringing the world to one special girl. Ellie Walton is a happy three-year-old who loves dinosaur, dolphins and longs to see the world. Like a lot of kids, she loves getting mail.

When Ellie was four months old, her mom, Sarah, found a lump on her head, which doctors diagnosed as brain cancer. Despite having 17 surgeries and 5 tumor removals, the tumor grew again. Although she can’t leave her house due to a weakened immune system, Ellie is seeing the world from her living room in a different way—postcards.

Originally started when Ellie’s grandparents sent her and sister Ava one from Arizona, the sisters began asking for postcards throughout the nation. Soon, they ended up getting even more throughout the world, receiving cards from foreign countries, such as Germany, Sweden and South Korea. Sarah says that the girls play with their postcards “like toys” and that they touch Ellie’s heart - and hers, too.

“Everybody posts something on the card and everything on the card touches my heart,” Sarah told ABC News. “It’s another prayer for her.”

And Ellie will see some of the beauty that’s graced the covers of some cards! The family is planning to go to Hawaii to see dolphins up close as part of Ellie's "Make-A-Wish" trip next year.


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