En Route To His Forever Home, This Rescue Pup Got An Amazing Piggy-Back Ride

  • The photo is really remarkable: a young dog rides piggy-back on a biker's shoulders, looking quite calm, if a little morose. And the story behind the photo is just as special.

Jarrett Little, an experienced biker, was out on a ride near the town of Columbus, Georgia, when he came upon a tragic sight: a puppy near the side of the trail, who appeared to have been hit by a car. The dog's back leg was broken, among other injuries, so the question of walking was out of the question. Jarrett gently lifted the puppy onto his back, piggy-back-style, for the end of the ride into town, where he could get the injured animal some food and water.

Jarrett ended up at a bike shop in Columbus, and had it in his mind that he might be going home with a new dog. But in the shop, the puppy made an instant connection with another visitor, a woman named Andrea Shaw, who was in Columbus for business.

The mutual connection between Andrea and the 5-month-old pup sealed the deal, and Andrea decided to call him Columbo (Bo for short), after the town where they first met.

First things first, Bo went to the vet, where 25 staples and 4 pins went into his hind leg and a full cast onto his front leg, to protect his broken toe. Then it was time to go to Maine, where Andrea lives on a horse farm.

Today, Bo is thriving in his new forever home. And his forever mom has started a Facebook page called Adventures of Columbo to document his recovery and new adventures on the farm.

"The dog doesn't have a mean or grumpy bone in his body," Andrea said, despite the fact that "God knows he has every reason to."

As you can see, Bo even gets along with the other animals! We see a bright, happy future ahead for this sweet rescue.

Videos via Inside Edition. There are lots more inspirational stories like this one on the Heartwarming Animals YouTube Channel, part of the HooplaHa Network!


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