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According to research done by LiveGirl founder Sheri West, "Seven in ten girls do not believe that they are enough or don't measure up in some way." This troubling statistic was one of the factors that led her to found LiveGirl, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering middle school aged girls in Fairfield County through leadership development and mentoring. The organization provides year-round programs that help build up self-esteem through positivity and support, and paves the way for these girls to become the next generation of female leaders.

At camps like the one at New Canaan High School, young women participate in leadership workshops, engage in team building exercises and listen to various inspiring keynote speakers. Paralympian Jessica Long, spoke to the girls about overcoming obstacles and staying positive. "I think programs like LiveGirl are so important," she emphasized," because these girls are the future and their confidence kind of determines the course of what's going to come. If they are brave and strong and dreaming big, they are going to do huge things."

The affirmation of LiveGirl, "I am smart, I am strong, I am special", can be heard often during a camp day. This camaraderie within the group is key to the camp's welcoming and safe environment that helps these girls to develop emotional intelligence and self-esteem.

Sheri West knows the road is steep but she has set the bar high. "Our mission is to prepare the next generation of female leaders and to contribute to a world free from both gender and racial inequality." Go LiveGirl!

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