Ella's First Haircut

A puppy's first haircut is a priceless moment for pet owners--especially when they are this cute as this dog! Watch Ella transform from an overgrow ball of fur to the most adorable puppy you have ever seen!

The groomer's first challenge was untangling Ella's wild mane followed by soothing words that comforted her during a very thorough bath. Afterwards, she fully accepted her pampering as she was blown dry and trimmed down to neat little ball of fluff. Ella looked incredible! She was a new woman.

Ella is a teacup Maltese who loves glamour, pampering and keeping up with the latest canine trends! She lives in Brooklyn, NY and lives a life most puppies only dream of! Weighing in at a whopping 2 lbs, Ella spends her spare time collecting socks, being cute and watching TV. Ella loves making others smile and reminding people that "good things come in small packages"!

Dogs are loyal and will love you unconditionally so remember to treat them to some special pampering every once in a while....let your fur baby pick out a few toys for itself and give your dog a beautiful makeover with a haircut or spa day. Like Ella, they will be likely to enjoy every bit of it!

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