Eclectic Artist Turns Farmhouse Into A Rainbow Paradise

In the woods of High Falls, New York used to sit a boring, nothing to see here, 19th century farmhouse. Now, that same house is a candy-colored, brightly painted work of art. Artist Kat O'Sullivan turned the house into a rainbow paradise. After buying the house in 2009, she started hand painting the stone and woodwork. It just morphed into a bigger project, making the entire house a dreamland of colors. "I walked into the paint store and basically said, 'I will take one of each!'" O'Sullivan explained to HuffPost. "Then I just started painting away without a clear plan. I make patchwork clothes for a living, so I approached the house the same way -- each section was its own little quilt square to play with. Every now and then I would step back and tweak it a little to make it more balanced, but I just followed the instincts of my inner five-year-old." Forget being perfect for a five-year-old, I want this house!

H/T Huffington Post



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