Eagle Scout Builds 'Unity Park' To Bring Community Together

What if a park had to power to bring change in the community? Unity Park in the heart of Gettysburg PA does. The idea and park itself was built by a 15-year-old student with a huge vision.

Unity Park was an Eagle Scout project completed by Andrew Adam of Mechanicsburg, PA. Andrew is an eagle candidate with BSA Troop 88 in Mechanicsburg, a member of Venture Crew 1863 of Lancaster, PA and a Civil War Re-enactor with the 1st PRVC. The project aims to "remind people to honor and respect the past, but learn from it and focus on unity for our future."

In practicing what he believes, Andrew worked with all kinds of people: north and south, Republicans and Democrats, blacks and whites, old and young, blue collar and white collar. He believes we are "united, not divided, unity begins with U." The project started when he ordered a granite statue, meant for the park, but realized it was made in another country. He thought it was important that the statue and everything in the park was "Made in America, By Americans, With American Materials”.

Unity Park took two years to complete and over $200,000 in funding and donations. Local businesses and organization were more than happy to support such a noble cause.

The park has four pathways, two from the North and two from the South. The pathways come together in the center to form unity. It also has three educational boards that give information about the history of music in America, particularly the role it played in communications before cell phones and texting. Unity Park is designed to educate visitors about the many young people that served their country, some as young as 10 or 12.

To see more about the park and all of it's amazing features, you can visit it's website!

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