During Restaurant Week, This Owner Will Only Serve The Homeless

Baltimore restaurants can find themselves busier than normal during 'restaurant week.' This is helpful for obvious reasons but also because they lost business during April and May when a curfew was imposed.

Michael Tabrizi, owner of Tabrizi's restaurant, is just like every other restaurant. He lost business but has other concerns. During the week of July 20-25 he will only open his doors to the homeless. He will partner with local shelters to bring in people who need a good meal.

“These people don’t only suffer from hunger, but also from hopelessness, they feel that they don’t have any dignity anymore,” Tabrizi told Baltimore Magazine. “We want them to come in and feel like they’re cared for.”

The restaurant is normally very busy but he will shut down for an entire week to help those less fortunate. All meals given will be free of charge. What a guy!

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