'Downs Designs', Clothes Made For People With Down Syndrome

Karen Bowersox started 'Downs Designs' after being frustrated when her granddaughter with Down Syndrome had trouble finding clothes that fit.  Patients with Down Syndrome are physically built differently than other people, and as a result often lack access to well-fitting clothes. 'Downs Designs' produces jeans, capri pants and shirts fitting each individual specifically, to essentially make them more comfortable physically and emotionally. "When [people with Down syndrome] are forced to wear clothes from everyday stores, the clothing makes them look different. All you see is the Down syndrome," Bowersox told Huffington Post. "When they wear our pants and they fit and they look and feel more comfortable, they can be confident in themselves. You don't see the Down syndrome anymore." They should feel as wonderful as they already are!

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H/T Identities.mic

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