Doggone Halloween Costumes!

Now that I’m a “fur-mom” of a very adorable, but ever-growing Dalmatian puppy, I’ve noticed a fair share of pet costumes out there. I highly doubt Louie’s “fur-dad” would allow me to dress him up in costume, so I’m living vicariously through some other dressed up pups. Here are three sets of the top three cutest, weirdest, and funniest pet costumes, in my opinion!


1. “Dapper Dog Costume” - There’s something about a dog in a bowties that I just can’t get enough of, but adding a suit and a hat? Well that’s just topping it off perfectly.Source

2. “Uncle Sam Costume” - With the upcoming election, seeing a dog in the U.S. colors dressed as Uncle Sam, made a little bit of my patriotic side come out in a normally not-so-patriotic holiday. You could even re-use this costume on Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day! Source

3. “Flying Monkeys” - Maybe it’s the sweet faces of the dogs or maybe the costumes or maybe both, but I couldn’t take my eyes away from these two cuties! But besides being cute, they are certainly in creative costumes.Source Photo by: Matt Di Paoloa


1. “Hippie Pet Costume” - The moment I lay eyes on this one, I wanted to hide. Something about the wig and the hands seemed to creep me out a bit. Maybe you think this one’s cute, but for me, it’s just a little strange to see a dog as a hippie.  Source

2. “Tattoo Dog Pet Costume”Source

3. “Beer Saddle 4 Pack Shooter Dog Costume” - As much as I love idea of having my dog carry around a couple beers in his costume, I’m not quite sure how I feel about this one, except for the fact that it’s odd. The hat doesn’t quite go with the the rest of the costume...Source


1. “HotDog Pet Costume” - Seeing a weenie dog dressed as a weenie is one of those on-going puns that never seems to grow old. How can you not laugh when you see one dressed like this?! Source

2. “Bacon Pet Costume” - With the impending bacon shortage, we can’t just ignore the cuteness of having a dog dressed up as bacon! It may not be the most kosher costume, but at least it’s got us remember how good bacon is, at least for the bacon lovers and eaters.Source

3. “Silver Screen Starlet Dog Costume” - A dog with cleavage? How could you not laugh at that one? At first I thought it was a little strange looking, but ultimately just had to giggle at the silliness of the costume.Source

Do you dress up your dog or pet for Halloween? If so, what costumes do you use? Have you considered any of these?


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