Dog Treat Company Creates Work For Special Need Adults

Many special need adults find it hard to find a place of belonging in their community. Luckily, Pat Clapp started ArcBarks Dog Treat Company so this is no longer the case for her son. To help her son, David, and other special needs adults gain confidence and a feeling of self worth, she started the dog treat company.

Pat's son, David, has Down Syndrome and says that there are limited options for her son. So she created this company that not only benefits dogs but also special need adults.

Pat hired 18 special need adults to be chefs for the company and this prepares them for their future endeavors. The benefits of working at ArcBark includes, treat baking, training in art collaborations, sales, customer service and eye-contact. Thanks to this program, special needs are enjoying themselves as well gaining confidence and acceptance from the community.

H/T GoodNewsNetwork

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