Determined 3-Year-Old Sells Her Paintings To Get To Disney!

It's every kid's dream to go to Disney World. Growing up with movies like Cinderella, Frozen and Beauty And The Beast, kids will want to meet their favorite characters. This proves to be true for one determined 3-year-old. Eva Sorensen loves all things Disney. Some of her favorites are Frozen and Rapunzel. It is no wonder that since she could talk, she ask daily if her parents can take her to Disney.

Due to financial restrictions, her parents always have to tell her no. But that just won't work for the little go-getter. She decided to raise the money herself. Eva has started created paintings and selling them on Facebook... with her mother's help of course. All the funds raised are put into a bank account. Little Eva even has her own debit card. She is determined to raise enough money to get to Disney.. and we are confident she will!

If you want to help Eva achieve her dream, check out their Facebook page!


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