Dancing Helps Hospitalized Kids Get Their Joy Back

See how dancing helps bring sick kids SO much joy! Misty Copeland, who has been breaking barriers in the world of dance as the first African American to become a principal ballet dancer for American Ballet Theatre, is now supporting Dancin Power, a California based charity that is also breaking barriers, but in the world of medicine by using the power of music and dance to help improve the lives of hospitalized kids!

Dancin Power is a movement and music program that brings dance classes free of charge to hospitalized children! Dance is a way to boost their spirits and forget their troubles for a while. Kids are able to learn dance such as hip-hop, ballet, jazz, modern, hula, Tahitian, Brazilian dances including Capoeira which is a martial art! While some aren't as serious, Dancin Power helps patients facing chronic and life-threatening illnesses. This active, fun program has touched the lives of thousands of hospitalized children and their families. The trained Dancin Power Teachers pay attention and carefully adjust all dance movements and techniques to match each patient's needs. Despite physical challenges, all kids should be able to enjoy the power of Dance!

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