Dads & Daughters Bond In New Hair Braiding Class

When a little girl's hair needs to be done, it is often assumed her mother will do it. That assumption can be forgotten now. Dads everywhere are stepping up to the hair-plate! Sometimes, dads have to do hair. So why not do it well?

In a new hair braiding class, Dad Braiding 101, dads and daughters get to bond while doing hair! Thanks to Cozy Friedman, the owner of Cozy's Cuts kids hair salon in Manhattan girls can be proud of their father's hair skills!

"I think the fact that dads have a way to bond with their girls is amazing," Friedman said of her "Dad Braiding 101" classes. "Because a lot of times, they don't have as many things in common as a mom and a daughter or a dad and a son."

I love this idea. So much. My father doesn't know the first thing about hair, but maybe he can learn!


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