Celebrate National Hedgehog Day With The Cutest Hedgehog Ever

Today may be Groundhog Day, but it's also national Hedgehog Day! To celebrate this under-appreciated holiday, we bring you the story of Kayak, one of the cutest hedgehogs around. Kayak was unwell as a baby and his owner didn't know how to care for him, so Kayak was brought to the Hedgehog Welfare Society where he was able to start getting the proper treatment.

Kayak reacted positively to his treatment and worked hard every day to get better. He started eating again and tried every second he could to stay on his feet and walk around. It wasn't long before Kayak was back on his feet (and on a skateboard) and stealing hearts with his natural hedgehog adorableness. Now, Kayak is an active little adventurer that enjoys his freedom in the backyard!

Kayak taught us to never give up and "to fall with enthusiasm" because if you believe in yourself, you can always get back up. Thank you , Kayak!

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