Cute Kid Note of the Day: Goals for 2013

The Huffington Post

6 year-old Edwin has some pretty ambitious goals for the new year. Among them are learning to fly, getting a new iPhone, and playing the accordion. Kudos to Edwin for spelling "accordion" correctly-- I had to spellcheck.

Edwin's mom says he really thinks someone will build him a pair of wings that allow him to fly "like a remote control toy." He's not limiting himself to his imagination, where most of us imagine gaining the power of flight through a freak biohazard accident. Edwin's thinking more along the lines of NASA getting their act together on a personal flight system.

Edwin's mom also said, "There is 100% chance he can get an iPhone 5 -- in six years, when he turns 12."

iPhone notwithstanding, Edwin's list is still impressive:

The Huffington Post

All I promised to do this year was take off my shoes before walking through the kitchen.

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