Cover Of The Week: 'Billie Jean' by Michael Henry & Justin Robinett

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Welcome to the first post for Cover Of The Week! Each Thursday will be a day for cover artists, and their killer explorations and expansions of original songs. We like covers because they offer a different perspective to a song, like seeing a story from another point of view, or swapping one ingredient for another in a recipe you've grown to love.

Cover songs, if you get them right, can sometimes improve upon the song they mimic. Though, I won't dare say that about today's featured cover--mention that Michael Jackson isn't the greatest thing to happen to music, and you'll have Mj fans stalking your house at night to determine how long it would take to burn down. It's not a good idea.

STILL, this particular cover, by Michael Henry and Justin Robinett, is brilliant. From the harmonies, to the drumstick swapping, to the filming, the song is as much of a treat to listen to as the video is to watch. Take a look.

Wasn't that amahhzing? Yeah! It was! Here's some good news: they have approximately a jillion of high quality cover videos, which you can check out below:

"Mirrors" - Originally by Justin Timberlake

"I'll Make a Man Out Of You" - Originally performed by Donny Osmond... wait. DONNY OSMOND? No... seriously?? HOLY SMOKES, IT'S TRUE.

"I Dreamed A Dream" - Originally performed by Rose Laurens in Lés Misérables. They sing really, really high in this one.

Check out more of their videos on their YouTube Channel. Enjoy!

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