Coupon Collectors, Take Note: Your Hobby Can Help Others

Extreme couponing—the practice of collecting and strategically combining hundreds or thousands of discount offers to buy things at pennies on the dollar—has been featured on news programs and even reality TV shows for many years. Lauren Puryear's story shows another side of coupon-collecting: how it can help support families in need.

Lauren realized early on how powerful extreme couponing can be. Using discounts in combination, she was able to "buy" 50 jars of Ragu sauce and 100 boxes of Barilla pasta, for free! While others might turn their newfound skill into a hoarding habit, filling their basements to the brim, Lauren decided to apply herself to stocking other people's pantries, fridges, and cabinets.
"I knew I was going to make a difference in the world," she says—and has she ever!

While Lauren started with a goal of providing 5,000 meals through her couponing skills, she quickly expanded. To honor her 30th birthday (which was last month), the enterprising young woman decided she would try to feed 30,000 people during the last year of her 20's.

Coupons in hand, Lauren succeeded. What a beautiful birthday celebration!

More recently, Lauren launched an organization called For Love of Others, which organizes and deploys volunteers along the east coast to help provide food and other essentials to people experiencing homelessness. For your next birthday, maybe you'll follow Lauren's lead! Visit For Love of Others on Facebook to see lots of suggestions for ways to give back.

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