Country Superstar Charlie Daniels Has A Special Passion Project!

Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something. For musician and entertainer Charlie Daniels, who has been in the music business for 58 years, is a member of Grand Ole Opry, and is a recent addition to the Country Music Hall Of Fame, his passions are music, life, God, America and our VETS!

Charlie Daniels was 5 years old when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. He didn't realize it at the time, but he now understands that "there's only two things to protect America: the grace of God and the United States Military. So, I grew up with a great respect, admiration, and a great amount of gratitude for the military." Following his passion, Charlie Daniels created The Journey Home Project.

The Journey Home Project helps men and women, who have just come off the battlefields, transition back into civilian life. Started in 2014, it is an organization dedicated to the welfare and care of our veterans through rehabilitation, reintegration, education, and employment.

"We owe our veterans a debt of gratitude that we can never pay back."

Everyone has a passion, what's yours? This video was produced by Tracy Chevrier, shot by Matt Scott and edited by Heather Holloway. To see more Passion Projects, visit our Facebook page and YouTube channel.