Construction Workers Write Messages On Steel Beams To Kids In Hospital

For a while, the kids at Stony Brook University Hospital in Long Island saw boring beams at the construction site out their windows. The construction workers at the site had an idea.

When one of the workers' sons was in the hospital getting treated, they decided to write a 'get well' message for him. It reads, "Get well soon, Jesse," and is signed with some of the workers' names.

Jesse then responded with a 'thank you' note which he posted on the window for the workers to see.

The thoughtful workers then posted another message meant for all the children in the hospital. Now when any child looks out the window they will see the warm message. This reminder will add some joy to their day and keep their spirits hight.

"It's remarkably touching," Dr. Ken Kaushansky, dean of Stony Brook University School of Medicine, told

The construction is for a new children's hospital, next to the existing one. The messages aim directly at the pediatric floor of the hospital. Unfortunately, when the construction is done, the messages will no longer be seen. But for now, they are a message of hope for the children!

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