Connecticut Cop's Kind Gesture Goes Viral

Ansonia Police Officer Michael Castillo got a call a few days ago about kids fighting outside a Target store in in downtown Ansonia, Connecticut. When he got there, he noticed the kids were not fighting, but that they were simply confused about what to do about one boy's broken bicycle.

That is where Castillo stepped in to help!

When asked about the kind gesture, Castillo simply said:

“I said, ‘hey, are you guys fighting?’ They said, ‘no we’re friends.’ Then I saw one of the bikes was broken, and the kid said, ‘my bike is broken, so I just got down and fixed it,” Officer Castillo said.

Faith Taylor had seen this whole event happening and snapped a picture. She later posted it to Ansonia PD's Facebook Page with this message:

“Not sure what officer this is, but it's nice to see an officer in a good and kind way. This guy takes "to serve and protect" to heart... He was driving the #5 SUV cruiser. This was right in front of Target at about 8:00 pm! Give this guy some kudos!”

Great job Officer Castillo! Keep up the good work!

H/T CT Post

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