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Have you ever had a moment when you felt you just couldn't go on? Home, job, relationship… all in tatters? Bree Pear faced this moment. She struggled with ways to face her adversity, and eventually found a way forward to a better place. Her journey is the origination story for the company she founded called "Only Human" – a community of good humans doing good things for good causes.

Only Human exists because humans need one another. They provide a platform to help humans all over the world share their story, come together in solidarity and community, and do good. Every month they release a new line of apparel benefiting a non-profit partner, and for every sale, they donate proceeds to that partner's cause. Their partners include organizations that support victims of bullying, poverty, and discrimination.

The most prominent cause Only Human is backing, and the only one they support all year through, is suicide awareness. "This is something we hear about non-stop in our world these days," Bree explained. "We provide resources on our website, we also hold community events and we have an advocate community that you can join to be part of a safe space that talks about topics like mental health, leadership and personal struggles."

At their annual gathering, the "Stay, Suicide Awareness Event", Only Human partners with The Elevation Society, a nonprofit that focuses on reducing suicide, bullying and depression by uniting humans to collectively solve issues and showing every individual their life is worth fighting for. The event raises awareness and starts conversations on how to help prevent suicide by providing direct access to Wellness Vendors and Suicide Awareness resources while also hosting Yoga, Therapy, and Storytelling sessions.

Watch as Bree and her partners form a human community to spread kindness, share their stories, and inspire one another to be better. Their hope is that they can engage with those who are suffering, or even planning to take their own life, and encourage them, instead, to reach out and accept a helping hand.

PLEASE NOTE IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY HAVING SELF HARMING THOUGHTS, call the suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255 OR Text the crisis hotline at 741741

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