Traveling Piano Man Finds The Key To Life!

** OGTV's second GOOD STORY of the week is about a young man who follows his heart down his own path to happiness rather than settling for an unfulfilling life. **

Music and the freedom to see new places opened a young man's eyes to a life of inspiration! Five years ago, Dotan Negrin quit his steady and stable 9-5 job day job in New York City to travel around the world with his piano.

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Doers, Strivers, and Innovators - BIPOC STORIES (Trailer)

OGTV is featuring their collection of BIPOC STORIES which highlights writers, teachers, service members, performers and others in all walks of life who are breaking barriers and leaving their mark. Watch all of these inspiring stories at:

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TallOrder Socks Honors 9/11 Dad by Giving Back, with Style

** In remembrance of the 20th anniversary of 9/11, we are sharing a story about a family who leaned on each other to overcome their sorrow by starting their own business that gives back to those that also suffered a loss. **

Just two weeks into starting his job at Car Futures on the 92nd floor in the World Trade tower, Andrew Friedman was killed in the 9/11 attacks. He left behind his wife, Lisa, who was just 39 years old and already a cancer survivor, and his 11 year old twin boys, Dan and Mike.

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This Famous Surfing Dog Rides The Wave To Helping Others!

** OGTV's second GOOD STORY of the week highlights a dog who not only surfs but helps raise funds for those with disabilities through unique experiences. **

Ricochet is one of the most world famous, award-winning surf dogs who loves the sport, but most importantly SURFS WITH PURPOSE! She surfs solo, with children, adults, pros, celebrities, other dogs! But her most important role is the work she does to help kids with a variety of disabilities in their healing process by experiencing the joy of being on a surf board.

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Rescued Teddy Bears Find New Homes!

** For National Teddy Bear Day, OGTV shares this story about a woman who searches far and wide for abandoned Teddy Bears, lovingly gives them a makeover, and finds them new homes. **

Phoenix artist Tara Logsdon rescues abandoned teddy bears from thrift stores and gives them an extreme one-of-a-kind makeover.

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These Heroes are Filling Their Community's Fridges - Only Good Heroes (E13)

** OGTV celebrates National Food Bank Day with this inspiring story from our OG Heroes series about a team of New Yorkers who are supporting their food insecure neighbors with a helping hand and an open Fridge! **

OnlyGood TV's original series "Only Good Heroes" is a place where you'll meet some remarkable individuals and organizations who are making a huge difference in communities across the country, sparking action that pulls people together to battle the impact from this pandemic.

In this episode, host Lucia Nazzaro talks with Selma Raven and Sara Allen, the founders of Friendly Fridge Bronx, a community based resource that helps food insecure families in the community meet their nutrition needs during this time of social and financial distress by providing a source of free, healthy food.

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This Angel Helps Immigrant Field Workers Live A Better Life!

** In celebration of Labor Day, OGTV is sharing this heartwarming story about a husband and wife duo who are doing all they can to make life easier for California field workers after their homes were destroyed by a fire. **

"What I want to say to everybody is, study your own roots," says Judy Lucas of California. "See how many generations you have to go back to find immigrants. Just treat people like you hope your immigrant family was treated."

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What is the World Record for Most Pizza Boxes? - Not Your Average Joe

** To celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day, OGTV is sharing this story about a guy who not only loves pizza, but has made a hobby of collecting pizza boxes... big and small....and enormous! **

Everyone could use a few more smiles in their daily lives…and watching a funny video will often do the trick! OnlyGood TV videos help make your life fun, more manageable, happy and stress free!

There are people who love pizza, and then there's Scott Wiener. In this episode of our "man on the street" series, Not Your Average Joe, comedian Joe Leonardo meets Scott Wiener, a pizza fanatic. Not only does he hold the Guinness World Record for "Most Pizza Boxes", he also owns Scott's Pizza Tours, a company based in New York City which educates tourists on the history of pizza. Guess what Joe and Scott will be having for lunch!

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