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Netta D.I. - Episode 1

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Ashlee Muhammad Eye-Conic Designer

COMMUNITY – 4m 35s


  • Netta D.I. - Episode 1

    New from! Have you ever felt excluded? Netta Gaye Jenkins' career has been fueled by the belief that "every single person feels a sense of exclusion throughout their life". Netta experienced exclusion at a young age and by high school, she was already taking steps towards promoting in...

  • The Red Bulletin-Heroes of the Year

    New from! Red Bull’s magazine, The Red Bulletin, hosted a party to celebrate their inaugural "Heroes of the Year" issue. The Weekly Good's host, Marysol Castro, sat down with a few of the heroes that represent extraordinary stories and triumphs in 2018: ultra-marathon runner Dave Mack...

  • The Happy Sign Guy

    "There's not enough happiness in the world which is why I make these Happy Signs" is something you'll hear Montel Williams Jr. say often. The MMA fighter and son of talk show host Montel Williams is taking to the streets in the pursuit of happiness, sharing his good vibes with the world. In this ...