College Student Raised $43,000 For 'Homeless Hero' In One Life Changing Way

British college student, Dominique witnessed true selflessness when a homeless man offered her his last 3 pounds to get home safe one night. She didn't accept it, but was blown away by his generosity. So touched by his actions, she set out to help the homeless hero get back on his feet.  "I was lucky enough to find him again and his name is Robbie, he has been homeless for 7 months through no fault of his own and needs to get back on his feet but cannot get work due to having no address," she states. She thought there was no better way to help then to become 'homeless' herself and raise money the way Robbie had. Dominique spend 24 hours on the streets because she wanted to understand the difficulties the homeless face each day. Through her efforts, which included a Go Get Funding page, she raised over $43,000 which was enough to get a place for Robbie to live and had extra funds to help local soup kitchens and food banks.

H/T NY Daily News

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