Clothing Company Gives Women A Second Chance

Many women who have faced adversities in life may have trouble 'starting over.' If women have either spent time in jail, battled homelessness and/or addiction, it can be hard for them to find work when they are rebuilding their lives.

Road 22, maker of luxurious, made-in-America t-shirts, hires women who have faced great barriers in their lives. The clothing company gives women who have had trouble in their lives a second change. They don't hold their past against them.

Road 22 gets its name from the road leading out of California's Chowchilla State Prison, the country's largest women's prison. The company was started by two women, one who survived the Iranian revolution and know firsthand what it means to lose everything. Not only do they make beautiful shirts but their business stands for a message much greater; everyone deserves a second chance.

To learn more or check out their shirts, visit Road 22's website.

This inspiring video was produced by Tracy Chevrier and shot/edited by Lucien-Newell. To see more videos like it, you can visit our HooplaHa YouTube page.