Celebs That Make Us Smile: Jenna Dewan-Tatum

In a celebrity culture that isn’t always filled with the best role models, there are sometimes lights that blaze through the madness and use their influence for the greater good. One of those illuminating the world right now is new mom, actress, and dancer, Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

Dewan-Tatum, who is married to fellow actor Channing Tatum, might be considered a Hollywood powerhouse, but she is also known for her very large philanthropic heart.

Any new mom, like Dewan-Tatum, will tell you that it is an adjustment having a new addition to the family. So many aspects of your life change, from losing hours of sleep, to prepping for hours just to leave the house. If you have ever attempted this daring trick of taking a small child out into public you know it is a complex logistical nightmare. You probably have found yourself jamming diapers, snacks, waters and anything else that may tame a melt down or help clean up a bio hazard, all into one bag. Yet, finding the perfect on-the-go pouch is a challenge. One bag that fits all the essentials, looks chic and helps others in the process can be difficult to track down.

To answer this need, Dewan-Tatum has teamed up with the nonprofit Baby Buggy to create a purse that meets all these lofty requirements.

Baby Buggy is a non-profit that provides items including clothing, cribs and other essential products to families with kids 0-12 who otherwise would go without. The all-star organization also goes a step beyond and works in conjunction with a variety of social service agencies to provide special job training and education to families in need.

Baby Buggy, the brain child of Jessica Seinfeld, (yes, that Seinfeld,) recognizes the need to not only supply products, but offer lasting support in the form of education to help people reshape their own futures. So not only are you providing aid with immediate needs, but you are supporting the positive evolution of generations to come.

In a time when we all are on budgets, this type of donating is the perfect balance of providing for your own needs, looking stylish and helping out a fellow mom. The best part is the price tag, coming in at only $22.00 and sold exclusively on BirchBox.com.

If you are a fan of Dewan-Tatum, you probably know she is a vegan and involved in the animal rights community. While so many celebrities try and use their name recognition for endless self promotion, watching this new mom and talented performer give back is not only commendable, but certainly does make us smile.

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