The Story Of Dr. Dorfman, Dentist To The Stars, Who Has A Heart of Gold

"He who gives receives the greatest gift." Such a statement sounds like one that might come from a spiritual advisor or a fortune-teller, but in this case, the speaker is a dentist to the stars! Though, as you might have guessed, Dr. Bill Dorfman is much more than a dentist.

How does one become a dental provider to celebrities? In Dr. Bill's case, he started meeting famous actors, musicians, and their managers through his wife's place of work, and turned those connections into a thriving business, one that expanded thanks to both his ambition and his compassion. As his public profile grew thanks to his famous clients and appearances on shows like Extreme Makeover and GMA, Dr. Bill realized that he could use his fame and money for good—and this philanthropic instinct became a defining feature of his life.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Bill has helped raise millions of dollars for charities including Teammates for Kids Foundation and Smiles for Life. He's also been involved with fundraising for orphans in South Africa through Tomorrow's Trust, and has helped restore the smiles of battered women through an organization called Safe Passages. Dr. Bill also gets hands-on with an initiative that he himself started closer to home, called LEAP.

LEAP is a one-week program that takes place at UCLA, and is focused on fostering skills and confidence among kids and teenagers. Participants learn skills like goal-setting, time management, and networking. And LEAP always features a few special guests—like entrepreneurs, politicians, athletes, or actors—who speak with program attendees, to share their stories of success and recount what they overcame along the way. Dr. Bill specifically calls out the benefit that LEAP kids get from learning from these successful role models.

"One of the things that make LEAP so powerful is the mentor workshop," he says. "We say it gives them a 7-year head start on life, and I think that it does."

Mentorship is clearly something that Dr. Bill believes strongly in, and he sees opportunities to offer guidance to a child everywhere, including at home. When parents ask him what they should talk to their kids about to encourage them, he says: "It's not what you tell them, it's what you show them... What you show them is what they learn."

For more information on Dr. Bill Dorfman, visit his website http://www.billdorfmandds.com/.

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