How To Make A Watermelon Granita -  Cook With Peter

This 10-year old chef can make you a superstar in the kitchen!

Cook with Peter on features simple recipes kids love to eat and make! In this video, Chef Peter prepares Watermelon Granita, a refreshing 2-ingredient dessert perfect for summer (or anytime really)! He even offers a tip on how to pick the best watermelon!

**Watermelon Granita**


1 1/2 watermelon

1 lime


Cut the watermelon in cubes. Drizzle a whole lime in the blender. You can add zest of lime for intense lime flavor (optional). Pour the fruit mix in a glass container of any size and put in the freezer for 8-24 hours. After it is frozen, scrape granita into icy flakes with a fork. Serve in a nice bowl, fun glass, or eat right out of the pan!

Chef Peter also notes that you can use any fruit of your preference or frozen coffee drizzled with condensed milk on top...HmmmYUM!! To see more OnlyGood COMMUNITY videos, visit us at:

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