Rapidly growing little engine that could is looking for talented people that want to make an immediate impact and help drive astronomic business growth. We are looking for those who believe that happiness leads to health and in our Life with a Smile mission. We believe in the team collective, so we are looking for passionate creative types, no matter your discipline; difference makers who are not afraid to be proactive with great ideas. Join us and become part of the HooplaHa success story!

Office Location: Norwalk, CT - 55 minutes from NYC/40 minutes from New Haven. Close to both the Merritt Parkway and I95 and easy access from Metro North Railroad.


Current Full Time/In Office Opportunities


Content Coordinator

Responsibilities include story research, development and management of video segments including coordination/booking/shooting/post production and administration needs, as well as daily management of social media accounts and YouTube channels. Must be highly organized, have strong project management skills and be able to think outside the box. Should be familiar with video production and online content. Applicants with strong knowledge and skills in Final Cut, Photoshop, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are highly preferred. Degree in video production, digital marketing or broadcast journalism a plus.

TO APPLY: email resume & cover letter to with the subject line "CONTENT COORDINATOR"


Content Curator/Social Media Manager/Blog Editor

Daily responsibilities include curating great videos and articles, producing original blog posts, creating a daily newsletter email and sharing site content via Facebook and Twitter. The ideal candidate should be a strong writer, able to quickly write headlines, descriptions and social media posts that mirror the voice of our brand. Must have experience using social media as a marketing tool to garner engagement and site traffic. Knowledge of Wordpress and Photoshop a plus! Please forward resume with references.

TO APPLY: email resume & cover letter to with the subject line "BLOG EDITOR"


Internship Opportunities

We are always looking for students who want to jump in and do work that has immediate and tangible impact on our business.Flexible hours available. Students must receive academic credit. We’re looking for interns in the following areas:

> Video Production/Post Production

> Content Curation/Story Development

> Social Media

> Public Relations

> Sales & New Business Development


Video Production/Post Production Internship

HooplaHa produces and manages video content for its website and YouTube network of channels and is looking for talented students with strong creative and technical ability to help develop, edit and upload our awesome videos. Our best candidates will be good at research and story development and can help us with storytelling. You will also assist the content team in organizing and managing video production and databases. When needed, you will assist on video shoots and post production. The ideal candidate will have strong knowledge of: Final Cut 10 or Premiere Pro and YouTube/Vimeo, and you should have a basic understanding of: Google Docs (drive) and the media production process.

TO APPLY: email resume & cover letter to with the subject line "PRODUCTION INTERNSHIP"


Content Curator/Story Development Internship

HooplaHa creates its own original content and curates the best of the web resulting in “Life with A Smile” for our hub Our Content Curator/Story Development intern will be responsible for story research, development and management of video segments including coordination/booking/shooting/post production and administration needs, as well as daily management of social media accounts and YouTube channels. The best candidates are highly organized, have strong project management skills and are able to think outside the box. You should be familiar with video production and online content. Applicants with strong knowledge and skills in Final Cut, Photoshop, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are highly preferred.

TO APPLY: email resume & cover letter to with the subject line "CONTENT INTERNSHIP"


Social Media Internship

HooplaHa is looking to grow our Social Media network and are looking for social media savvy students who are creative and can write well. You will help plan and execute multi-platform content distribution campaigns and track results and other online trends. By developing strategy and implementing different initiatives, you will directly impact the building of brand and audience engagement for a fast growing young media company. The best candidate will be familiar with, if not active on, all the major social networks.

TO APPLY: email resume & cover letter to with the subject line "SOCIAL MEDIA INTERNSHIP"


Public Relations Internship

In addition to social network engagement, HooplaHa aggressively promotes its content through PR and our strong distribution relationships. We are looking for interns who want to see our audience grow as a direct result of their efforts. The most successful interns will use their writing proficiencies to convince content distributors to post our content. You will draft media pitches and editorial content for iconic web outlets. Innovative ideas welcome. Experience with CisionPoint a plus.

TO APPLY: email resume & cover letter to with the subject line "PR INTERNSHIP"


Sales & New Business Development Internship

HooplaHa believes in the power of content marketing because engaging people via social networks has become a critical key to successful branding. We also believe that brands need to align themselves with positive uplifting “happy” messaging. Therefore Consumer Brands should want to leverage our turnkey, sharable and very affordable native content as a compliment to, or in place of some of their more traditional interruptive advertising methods.Working with the head of New Business Development, you will assist in identifying the brands that would make the best sponsorship or syndication targets, and other new business development opportunities. You will also help plan and execute marketing/sales campaigns. You should be organized with good research skills and a creative mind because you will also help develop sales collateral. It is a plus if you are comfortable with Microsoft PowerPoint.

TO APPLY: email resume & cover letter to with the subject line "SALES INTERNSHIP"


Family & Home

The Creation Of Us (E8) – Welcome Baby Antler!

** OGTV's second The Creation Of Us S1 playlist story of the week is the long awaited season 1 finale about the joyous arrival of Baby Antler! Congratulation Aydian and Jenilee! **

After a year filled with planning, pregnancy, training, and waiting… patiently…. Jenilee and Aydian have welcomed their adorable, precious Antler into the world! In this episode of The Creation Of Us, we follow the twists and turns of their story of how Antler was born, and how Jenilee and Aydian are adjusting to being a new family of three.

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Black Girls Do Bike - Women's Group Bikes for Fitness and Connection

"I have this smile that doesn't go way. I realized that whenever I was on the bike...I was always happy!"

This positive affirmation is from Cadesha Prawl-Hill, a member of the New Haven, CT chapter of Black Girls Do Bike (BGDB), a national organization that is helping women across the country to take on a more active exercise routine and boost up their emotional and social well being.

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Julia Katharine Alexander is a one-of-a-kind little girl, who is rarely seen without a super bright smile on her face. She's just so full of joy, love, and compassion for others. Everyone who knows her can recall something profound, inspirational, or just plain funny that Julia's shared with them. At home, they are known as "Julia-isms." Regardless of your encounter with this sweet girl, you leave feeling a little warmer and happier inside.

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Family & Home

Baby Countdown Enters Final Days - The Creation Of Us (S1:E7)

** OGTV's first The Creation Of Us (S1) playlist story of the week follows Aydian and Jenilee as they enter the final planning stages for the birth of their baby! **

What is more dramatic than the dwindling days before the birth of a couple's first child? In this episode of The Creation Of Us, the countdown is on as Aydian and Jenilee scramble to learn all they have to know about childbirth and being parents.

Although there is much to do, the parents-to-be are pretty organized. First, they sit down with their doula to come up with a day of birth and postpartum plan. They discuss their ideas for keeping Jenilee comfortable, and create checklists and guidelines to help manage all the details. Afterward, they are off to a birthing class where they go through what the actual birth will be like.

"The birthing class always makes me feel so much more secure about giving birth," Jenilee relates. "It's comforting to be developing a toolbox so I have things to grab from when the birth actually happens." Aydian has concerns and questions and their birthing teacher, Sarah, walks them through different techniques for the actual birth and things they can practice at home.

After the birthing class, they meet with their midwife for the first time. While a little nervous about a first meeting with someone so integral to the birth, Jenilee and Aydian are very excited to have both a doula and a midwife on board. "Jenilee and I chose to have a midwife because the birth process is so intimate," Aydian notes. "Our plan is to birth in a place that doesn't feel like a hospital. Ideally, if we are in a birthing center that makes us feel like we are in our own home, we can give that to ourselves and our child for the first moments of birth."

Jenilee and Aydian hope that if they are able to follow their plan, it will make the birth feel less medical and more spiritual, true to who they are as a couple. The clock is ticking – join them as they start the final countdown to the biggest day of their lives.

To learn more about Aydian, follow him on Instagram at:

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Welcome to! - It's a Positivity Movement.

We at OnlyGood TV believe that positivity will change lives for the better. We strive to be the hopeful voice that recognizes people are good & out there doing good things for their communities and society at large. We tell the stories of the individuals and organizations that inspire and motivate us, and fuel the Positivity Movement.

Watch an exclusive collection of stories featuring PETS, FAMILY, WELLNESS, and COMMUNITY, including unique series and Live Specials that shine a spotlight on everyday people, making the world a better place. #LGBTQ #Family #Pregnancy #OGTV

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** To commemorate Positive Thinking Day, OGTV is sharing this episode of our original series, Ask The Doctor, where Dr. Stacy Berman offers tips on how flip your internal emotional switch from negative to positive. **

During these incredibly stressful days, OnlyGood TV is excited to launch a new series - Ask The Doctor - that explores the questions and provides guidance for finding the road to achieving emotional, psychological, and spiritual wellness.

Hosted by Dr. Stacy Berman, each episode will help you navigate through these rough times and find your way to a happier and healthier life. In this episode, Stacy discusses how to address the numbness you may be feeling in response to the overwhelming swirl of distress around us, and how it may be blocking both negative and positive emotions.

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Aydian and Jenilee's Journey - The Creation Of Us (S1 - Trailer)

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