"Candy Bomber" Dropped Sweets From The Sky This 4th Of July

Gail Halvorsen is a 94-year-old who delivered candy to children in Berlin at the end of World War II. Nowadays he is known as the "Candy Bomber" after he dropped 1,000 chocolate bars with tiny parachutes at a park in Utah to celebrate Independence Day this year.

Deb Jackson is the co-chair of the event. Jackson estimated more than 50,000 people stood in 100-degree temperatures to watch the 4 p.m. drop.

Halvorsen flew in a fixed-wing bomber from World War II with two escort planes when he flew over the area three times and then dropped the candy to the children below.

"After the war, Halvorsen earned the nicknames 'Uncle Wiggly Wings' and 'Berlin Candy Bomber' for his flights with the Berlin Airlift over fields in East Berlin. He wiggled the wings of his plane before dropping candy bars and gum tied to handkerchiefs the cheer up the children on the ground," MSN reported.

Earlier that day Halvorsen spoke to the crowd at the Freedom Festival naturalization ceremony and stressed the importance of service and kindness.


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