A Natural Diet Saved This Man's Life—Now He's Paying It Forward

After Jeff Konchalski transformed his own life by changing his diet, he knew that he had to help others experience the type of turnaround that he did—well, for most, it wouldn't be quite as big of a change.

You see, Jeff was born with spinal meningitis. He underwent a spinal tap as a baby, which was necessary, but left him with a variety of health challenges as a kid. After years of illnesses and general weakness, teenage Jeff took it upon himself to look for an alternate way to strengthen his body and control his immune system. So he went to his local health food store.

Jeff learned about organic food and supplements like protein and muscle-repair, and began to change his diet. You can imagine Jeff's relief, excitement, and joy when his health started to steadily improve—and kept improving. At that point, Jeff knew what he would do with his future.

"That's how I got into the health food industry, back then. All that knowledge that I accumulated from when I was young, and what I did with food and supplements, just transpired into helping people," Jeff remembers.

Eventually, his health-food path led Jeff to open Nature's Temptations, an organic market in Ridgefield, CT. We call it a "market," but really Nature's Temptations is more than that. Jeff has a naturopathic doctor and a holistic health care counselor on staff, and plenty more informed and enthusiastic employees who make the store a community resource for all who are looking to enhance their health through more natural and conscious consumption.

Sometimes, our greatest personal challenges become our guiding lights, pointing us in the direction we need to go. Kudos to Jeff for taking such good care of himself, and for using his knowledge to help others as well!

This video was produced by Tracy Chevrier and shot/edited by Yura Makarov. To see more inspiring videos like this one, visit our YouTube channel and our Facebook page.

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