Boy Without Legs Returns To The Football Field

Deven Jackson is an average 10 year old. He is an energetic kid who plays football in a children’s league. Oh, and he does not have legs.

Two years ago, Deven was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. His doctors told his parents that he had a 10 percent chance of living. Luckily, Deven pulled through. Unfortunately, however, his legs did not. Due to the extent of his infections, doctors removed Deven’s legs below his knees. Before he could even walk again, just a mere two days after his legs were removed, he confided in his parents that he was ready to play football again.

Now, it’s happening. Deven’s league researched for nine months about safety issues, procedures, and anything else to ensure that everyone involved was safe. He is able to play with his teammates and competitors as a regular kid. Deven has a pretty rigorous pre-game ritual of getting his prosthetic running blades ready, but it is worth it. He's willing to do anything for the game he loves so much.

What a resilient boy.

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H/T The Huffington Post

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