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This Bail Bondsman Turned Model Is Changing The Meaning Of Beauty!

Joshua Varozza is a bail bondsman by day and a male model by night, but not the typical male model. Joshua is a dudeoir (dude + boudoir) model; basically he mimics sexy poses in his underwear.

So, why does the guy who's comparable to the men from DUCK DYNASTY do this? "To show that beauty comes from the confidence you portray," said artist photographer Tami Bears.

The God Bless America "Dudedoir" Collection Calendar (with 12 months of Hillbilly Goodness) was created by Tami, starred Joshua, and it was an absolute hit! All the proceeds go to an organization called Wheelers For The Wounded, whose mission is to increase awareness of wounded military members, while providing them with a weekend of outdoor activities.

"The responses we got from the pictures were out of this world! Such positive feedback from people not comfortable in their own skin."

While promoting inner beauty and masculine femininity, supporting awareness for wounded military members, and inspiring others with his confidence, Joshua and Tami ALSO fell in love.

Joshua's final piece of advice is, "We've got one life, one skin, just love it."


This must see video was produced by Tracy Chevrier and shot/edited by Jeff Grinta. To see more inspiring videos like this, visit our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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