Autistic Teen's Life Is Changed In Four Incredible Minutes

I had the pleasure of finally seeing this 2006 video. It gave me chills and goosebumps, so naturally I had to share it with you. Jason McElwain, then a senior at Greece Athena High School in Rochester, N.Y., loved being the varsity basketball team manager. The autistic teen was always full of spirit, humor and enthusiasm. On the team's last game of the year coach Jim Johnson added Jason to the roster so he could feel he was a part of the team. Johnson hoped Jason would get some actual playing time in the game. Oh and did he ever! Jason entered the game with four minutes left. He missed his first two shots, but then sank six three-pointers and another shot for a total of 20 points in three minutes. This is the stuff movies are made of. It was absolutely incredible to witness. "I've had a lot of thrills in coaching," Johnson says. "I've coached a lot of wonderful kids. But I've never experienced such a thrill." These few moments will fill your heart with such joy and leave you feeling incredibly inspired.

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