Artist Brings Homelessness To Light With Thought-Provoking Collection

When Willie Baronet went on a cross-country adventure collecting cardboard signs made by homeless people he encountered, he never expected to eliminate his apprehension and discomfort with seeing them on the street. He decided to start buying their signs from them in an effort to do something to help. This was the catalyst for one of his most ambitious art exhibits.

As an artist and professor in Dallas, Texas, Willie created the "We Are All Homeless Project" to raise awareness and learn more about each person he met. Throughout his trip, he bonded with the homeless by taking time to sit down and learn their stories.

Willie met a variety of people from teenagers to veterans and could feel the humanity and hopefulness resonating through them. Willie hopes that through his art project people are able to show their humanity more openly with each and start reaching for change together,

His art project has shocked thousands of people who have gone to see it. Hundreds of signs hang on the walls, each telling their own story, and showing the true perseverance of the homeless. Willie's mission is to help others understand that everyone shares a common humanity and has a unique story.

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